Want the dreamiest trip around Italy imaginable? Save hours planning by stealing our 10-day itinerary through the Amalfi Coast and Rome. From ancient ruins of Pompeii to the pebble beaches of Positano, the cliffs of Capri, and the romance of Rome, there’s so many gems to see and pure joy to experience during this scenic trip.

Want a quick look at the itinerary? Here’s the timeline for your trip!

Day One

Land in Italy, transit to Positano


Day Two



Day Three

Pompeii Day Trip


Day Four



Day Five

Amalfi & Ravello Day Trip


Day Six

Capri Day Trip


Day Seven

Positano to Rome


Day Eight



Day Nine



Day Ten

Fly home



The real day one starts the moment you hit the airport, but because everyone’s travel day and home origins looks different, we’ll start when the plane wheels touch down in Italy. While you’re packing, we highly recommend traveling light! You don’t want to lug giant bags on and off trains the whole trip. For tips for traveling light, check out our packing guide here! Once you head out from your home airport, buckle in for a long flight! Stay cozy and entertained for hours with a few of our favorite things that get us through those long overnight flights.

Day One: Rome (or Naples) to Positano

Depending on time, budget, and where you’re flying from, we’d recommend flying roundtrip to/from Rome or into Naples and out of Rome. We personally found it more affordable to fly roundtrip to Rome, but if you find a great flight option into Naples, your trip will be launched right to the action.

There are three ways to get to Positano on the Amalfi Coast, but only two of them we’d recommend! Check out our detailed blog – How to Get from Rome to the Amalfi Coast – to make the best choice that’s right for you!

Once you arrive in Positano, check into your hotel, and enjoy dinner along the along the coast. Just make sure to make reservations in advance!

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Day Two: Positano Beach Day

After two long days of travel, you deserve a day at the beach! If you can, sleep in and enjoy a relaxing day by the sea, taking in the stunning views of Positano. For a half or full-day at the Spiaggia Grande Beach, we recommend booking lido chairs at L’incanto Positano in advance. In the evening, treat yourself to a delicious dinner. Our top recommendation is Il Tridente Cocktail Bar and Restaurant. Just remember to make reservations well in advance, as they tend to fill up quickly. 

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Day Three: Pompeii Day Trip

Now that you’ve had a relaxing day of salt air and sunshine, pack your day bag and go on a half day tour of ancient history! Instead of hopping around from hotel to hotel to see all the major hotspots in the area, you can take many amazing day trips right from Positano like visiting Pompeii and Vesuvius!

There are so many tours to book through Get Your Guide which arrange tickets, transportation and everything for you! This is far easier than getting a ferry, a train, walking, and then getting tickets to see the history. We’d highly recommend booking this one.

After the tour and returning to Positano, head out for drinks and dinner along the coast at Franco’s Bar and Ristorante Bruno.


Day Four: Positano

After a hot and sunny day trip through volcanic destruction yesterday, it’s time to chill out and enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean Sea with one more relaxing beach day along the Amalfi Coast. If you’re not a beach bum, you can opt for a half-day boat tour or a cooking class like this one!

Head out to Fornillo Beach. It’s a bit off the beaten path, but that’s why we love it – it’s less crowded and more laid-back than Positano’s main beach area. You arrive around 9 am, just in time to snag a couple of lido chairs ($60 for two chairs and an umbrella, not bad, right?). Spend the morning soaking up the sun, taking dips in the crystal clear water, and maybe even burying your toes in the warm sand. When hunger strikes around lunchtime, you’ve got plenty of beachside restaurants to choose from.

Afterward, head back to your place to rest and freshen up. Once the sun starts to dip and the town begins to glow with that magical evening light, make your way into town for dinner. We recommend Da Gabrisa Restaurant & Wine Bar – trust us, their wine list is as impressive as their menu.


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Day Five: Amalfi & Ravello Day Trip

Pack your day bag for a full day of exploring the neighboring towns of Amalfi and Ravello. If you’d like an alternative to getting to both cities instead of taking ferries, taxis, or buses, we recommend hiring a private driver for the day or booking a day tour through Get Your Guide.

Take a ferry to the charming town of Amalfi, where you can wander around for a couple of hours, browse cute shops, admire the stunning architecture of the local church, and indulge in a casual lunch. Pro tip: don’t leave without trying a fritto misto cuoppo – it’s a mouthwatering mix of fried fresh seafood that is an absolute must-try. Next, hop on a bus or taxi and head over to Ravello. This place is a gem! Meander through fragrant lemon groves and marvel at the incredible coastal views. Once you’ve soaked it all in, return to Amalfi and catch a ferry back to Positano. After a day full of adventures, retreat back to your stay to rest and recharge. And when dinner time rolls around, we’ve got the perfect spot for you: Lo Guarracino

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Day Six: Capri Day Trip

Pack your day bag once again for an island adventure to the famous and gorgeous island of Capri. Just a short ferry ride away, let the vibes, cliffs, and food take your breath away. Hop on that morning ferry from Positano and let the sea breeze wake you up. First stop: the Blue Grotto. You’ve seen the photos, now experience the magic.

But don’t fill up on awe just yet, because we’ve got a lunch date at Da Paolino. Get ready for a lemon-infused feast under a canopy of lemon trees. Post-lunch, it’s time for some retail therapy in Anacapri. And to top off this perfect day? The Anacapri chairlift. As you ascend, take in the jaw-dropping views of the island and the sea beyond. It’s a day trip that’ll have you saying “molto bene!” all the way back to Positano.

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Day Seven: Positano to Rome

Pack up everything this time! Today you’ll head back to one of Italy’s most famous cities. Ciao, Positano, and buongiorno, Roma! You can opt to do a private transfer back to Rome or take the ferry then train. As you won’t be coming from the airport, we’ll give the full rundown as if you’re taking the ferry then train. If you rather have a private transport back to Rome – here’s that link!

You’re going to say “Arrivederci!” to Positano. But don’t be too sad – we’re heading to Rome! Make sure you’re an early bird because that ferry port fills up faster than a cannoli at a Sicilian bakery. My pro tip? Snag your tickets in advance on the FerryHopper app. Once you hit Naples, it’s taxi time. For a few euros and a breezy 10-minute ride, you’ll be dropped off at Napoli Centrale train station. Next stop: Rome! Upon arrival, snag a white taxi from Roma Termini to your hotel or Airbnb. But, heads up – always ask if they take cards. They’re supposed to, but let’s just say not all Roman taxi drivers got that memo.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “I’m checked in, I’ve traveled all day, and my stomach is rumbling louder than a Vespa engine.” Well, my friend, we’ve got just the cure. Head over to the Trastevere neighborhood for some grub. My personal fav? Tonnarello. Trust me, your taste buds will be doing the tarantella in no time. Safe travels, amici!

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kait with purse in rome on rooftop

Day Eight: Rome

Lace up your comfy shoes (or hop on a bike if you’re feeling adventurous) and head out to the Vatican. Make sure your book your tickets for the vatican in advance and give yourself two or three hours. After visiting the Vatican Museum, we spent a good hour and a half touring Saint Peter’s Basilica – and guess what? You don’t even need to buy a ticket to get in that one. 

Post-Vatican, we headed back to Rome for some well-deserved pizza at Pizzeria Da Baffetto. Trust us, it’s a game-changer. Once you’ve had your fill of cheesy goodness, feel free to shop around the city or take a much-needed siesta at your hotel. As evening rolls in, it’s time for aperitivo and dinner. Our pick? Osteria Da Fortunata. They hand roll pasta right there in the restaurant! Just remember to make dinner reservations – there’s always a wait. And do yourself a favor: get the gnocchi or ravioli.

After dinner, bask in the golden glow of the setting sun as you explore the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps. Pro tip: they look so much better in the sunset light than mid-day!

Day Nine: Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans do! Which means meander through the winding streets, see the sights, soak up the history, sip on wine, and enjoy plenty of pasta during your last full day in Italy.

Grab a quick breakfast as you make your way to the Colosseum.  Nab your skip-the-line tickets in advance from Get Your Guide. Once you’ve had your fill of the Colosseum, it’s time to hit up Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. Just flash your Colosseum ticket at the gate and continue on.

Feeling peckish after your tours? Head to Voglia di Pizza. They’ve got both gluten-free and regular options, and let me tell you, it’s some of the best pizza we’ve had in Italy. After lunch, take a breather with some shopping or a quick nap back at your hotel. Then, as the sun begins to set, make your way to the Martis Palace Hotel’s rooftop bar. Ah, the views, the snacks, the cocktails! Just head inside, ask for the rooftop bar, ride the elevator to the fourth floor, place your order, and they’ll bring it to you on the roof. To cap off your day, head to ‘Gusto for dinner. And of course, don’t forget to grab a gelato for the road. Because when in Rome, right?

Day Ten: Fly Home

Alright, folks, it’s Day Ten and it’s time to bid ‘arrivederci’ to our Italian escapade. Let’s get those bags zipped up one last time, shake off the sleep from our eyes, and get ready for the journey back home. And hey, the silver lining? No red-eye flights this time!

Kickstart your day with a final sweep of your room – you know, just in case that pesky sock decided to hide under the bed. Once you’re all packed up, snag a Taxi or hop onto a FreeNow Rideshare, and let’s hit the road to FCO airport.

Then comes the hard part – saying goodbye. As you check-in, take a moment to look back at all the memories we’ve made. But don’t worry, Italy isn’t going anywhere. You’ll be back before you know it. So here’s to the next adventure, wherever it may take us!