For those that say “don’t get me anything!” or the person that tends to value experiences over things, we’ve collected are a few thoughtful gift ideas for the frequent traveler in your life. From travel gear to game-changing air travel hacks, here are a few of our favorite travel purchases every traveler will want in their Christmas stockings this year. Prices range from $7-$40 for filler and fun surprises and a little of everything in between.

Tide To Go Mini

Oops! Spilled some wine or salsa on your shirt? No worries! It happens to all of us. Pop one of these small but mighty tide pens in your purse and quickly clean up any mess so that you can continue to wear the item throughout the trip and shamelessly continue to take selfies at every monument and fun moment, stain free!

Loop Earplugs

These aren’t your grandma’s earplugs. Designed to always be stylish yet comfortable, you can block out the noise of airplanes, extremely loud concerts, noisy hotel rooms, or a snoring partner. With the handy carrying case, they’re hard to lose, and with their trendy design, they’re definitely ear plugs you feel awkward wearing on the plane.

Passport and Luggage Tag Set 

Every put-together traveler appreciates a matching set. Have your most valuable information reflect each other with this matching passport and luggage tag set. The clever passport cover can even double as a mini-wallet.

Luggage Scale

Never fear having overweight luggage with this tiny but powerful and packable luggage scale! Loop the belt through your luggage hand and hold still to get an accurate weighted reading. With over 46,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this $10 stocking stuffer is sure to be a win.

Slim Power Bank

Using the camera, maps, music, and social media can really drain the phone battery – and no one wants to be stranded in a new city without directions!

Travel Sized Poo-Pourri 

If you’ve ever shared a bathroom with anyone on a trip, then you know how valuable a little bathroom “coverage” is. This tiny bottle of travel sized Poo-Pourri will easily slip into any liquids bag for a much more enjoyable shared bathroom experience.

Sleep Eye Mask

For travelers trying to snag a few hours of sleep on an overnight flight, eye masks are an absolute must-have. This pair will block out any bright tv screen, reading light, or any sunlight to help travelers rest well.

LectroFan Micro2 Sound Machine

This tiny but mighty sound machine is the perfect gift to plop in the bottom of someone’s stocking who is constantly on the go but appreciates consistent white-noise anywhere they go. Not only is it a sound machine, but it also works as a bluetooth speaker!

In-Flight Phone Holder Mount

Typically airplanes don’t offer seat back entertainment if the flight is less than three hours. Save your neck from the future pain of straining to look down at your phone for hours on end by propping your phone up with this seat back phone holder mount. It can also double as a tiny tripod for selfies and group photos too!

Flat Refillable Travel Pouches

Too many travel bottles take up an unnecessary amount of space due to packaging. Save some room in liquids bag and the stocking with these flat travel pouches! The only thing that will take up any space at all is the added product.