Want the dreamiest and romantic trip around Italy imaginable? Save hours planning by stealing our 7-day itinerary through Milan and Lake Como. From the jaw dropping beauty of Lake Como to the historical sights and shopping of Milan, there’s so much to explore during this scenic and unforgettable trip.

7-Day Itinerary Overview:

  • Day 1: Milan to Lake Como
  • Day 2: Lake Como
  • Day 3: Lake Como
  • Day 4: Lake Como
  • Day 5: Lake Como to Milan
  • Day 6: Milan
  • Day 7: Fly home


The real day one starts the moment you hit the airport, but because everyone’s travel day and home origins looks different, we’ll start when the plane wheels touch down in Italy. While you’re packing, we highly recommend traveling light! You don’t want to lug giant bags on and off trains the whole trip. For tips for traveling light, check out our packing guide here! Once you head out from your home airport, buckle in for a long flight! Stay cozy and entertained for hours with a few of our favorite things that get us through those long overnight flights.


While the real day one for most Americans will be flying from your home airport to Milan Malpensa airport, we’ll start counting vacation days once your plane touches down in Milan.

  • Land in Milan
    • Expect some jet lag after a long flight – be kind to yourself and your travel partner! Take it easy, enjoy slow strolls around the lake, plan on a nap, and an early end to the evening.
  • Go from Milan to Lake Como
    • Take the Malpensa Express from the airport to Milano Centrale train station.
    • Take the train from Milano Centrale train station to either Como S. Giovanni or Varenna-Esino-Perledo station, depending on which is closer to the town in which you are staying.
  • Arrive in Como
    • Because the lake is very large, there are many routes, pathways, options, and towns to settle into for the night. We recommend staying in Tremezzo, Bellagio, or Verenna for the most convenient location or Como for the largest amount of accommodation and dining options.
    • Check-in then rest after a long travel day.
    • Need recommendation on where to stay? Check out our full Lake Como guide here.
  • Dinner along the lakeside


After long travel days, you deserve a beautiful and relaxing day! Sleep in if you can, and take it easy with a relaxing lake day and enjoying the best views in Lake Como.

  • Casual Italian breakfast
    • Typically consists of espresso and a croissant.
  • Half day on a boat
    • Either hire a private boat rent a boat for a few hours yourself. Check out our guide on How To Get Around Lake Como for suggestions on which ones do go with!
  • Visit Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo
    • A can’t miss historical and artistic gardens and museum. Book your tickets here.
  • Explore and enjoy a drink and dinner in Tremezzo


Now that you’ve had a relaxing day of fresh mountain and lake air and sunshine, let’s head out for a full day of exploring the lake!

  • Villa del Balbianello
    • One of the most beautiful sights we’ve ever seen. It’s not open every weekday and books up quickly, so make sure to check their calendar and make reservations well in advance. Book your tickets here.
  • Explore and lunch in Lenno
    • The walk to and from Villa del Balbianello is incredibly scenic! It’s a bit of a mild hike, but it’s worth every moment! Once back in town, there are several charming lunch spots along the water’s edge.
  • Take a ferry to Varenna for sightseeing and dinner


Make the most of your last day exploring this beautiful Italian lake. Let’s end the tour of Lake Como in of the most stunning and central towns – Bellagio.

  • Take the ferry to Bellagio
    • Head out early in the morning to explore the town before it gets crowded!
  • Walk along the lake side and explore I Giardini di Villa Melzi
    • Book your tickets for the stunning villa and gardens here.
  • Enjoy a leisurely lunch in Bellagio
    • Recommendation: Ristorante Terrazza Barchetta
  • From Bellagio, take a boat to see stunning Orrido di Bellano in Bellano
    • While in Bellano, take some time to enjoy the public beach
  • Go back to the town you’re staying in, rest, and have dinner


Time to pack your bags and head to your final destination! After a relaxing lakeside getaway, let’s speed things up with the sites and sounds of one of Italy’s biggest cities.

  • Take the morning train from Lake Como to Milan
    • Trains run from Como and Varenna. Take the train straight to Milano Centrale, then either taxi or take the metro closer to your hotel.
  • Arrive in Milan & check into your hotel
    • Looking for a place to stay? Check out our Milan guide here.
  • Late lunch in Milan
  • Visit the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
    • Whether you’re shopping or window shopping, this impressive galleria is a must see! It’s also right next to the Duomo.
  • Pre-sunset tour of the Duomo di Milano with a visit to the rooftop
  • Aperitivo and Dinner near the Duomo
    • Make sure to stick around long enough to see it lit up at night!


For your last full day in Italy, it’s time to do some Italian cultural sightseeing and shopping in the fashion capital of Europe!

  • See the famous Last Supper painting at Santa Maria delle Grazie
    • Though it’s a church, you do need to purchase a ticket to get in to see this iconic work of art. Buy a ticket here.
  • Visit the Castello Sforzesco
    • It’s a huge Medieval-Renaissance fortress featuring tons of historic and famous art.
  • Lunch, sightseeing, and shopping in the city center
  • Visit the Navigli for aperitivo and dinner


Pack those bags one last time and gear up for the long flight home. At least this one won’t be a red eye flight!

  • Wake up, clean up, and pack up
  • Take a Taxi or FreeNow Rideshare to the FCO airport
  • Check-in at the airport and kiss Italy goodbye (for now!)