Ah, Paris – there’s a reason it’s on everyone’s bucket list! Check out our video guides and a few key reasons why everyone should visit Disneyland Paris as a day trip from Paris. 

Check out what a travel day to Disneyland Paris is like:

What a privilege to travel to Paris and be able to visit more Disney parks! Home to the only two Disney parks in Europe, Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios are a must visit for any Disney fan. Here’s what you need to know before your visit. 


French is the national language. As a Latin language, some words might be able to be interpreted without previous knowledge of the language. We found most younger people and those who worked in hospitality spoke very good English. The only times where there was a lack of communication were among older French citizens or those further outside of Paris.

However, any language barrier can always be quickly remedied by using Google Translate. While you definitely don’t need to know French to enjoy Paris, here are a few words that are helpful to know while exploring this city: 

Bonjourpronounced Bohn-Joor – means hello during the day

Bonsoirpronounced Bohn-Swah – means hello during the evening

Merci pronounced Mare-See – means thanks/thank you

S’il vous plaitpronounced sill-voo-pleh – means please


  • Wake up early and head out
    • Get dressed, lace up your walking shoes, grab a cappuccino to-go, and head to the train station.
  • Take the Train to Chessy Station
    • More details are in the section below.
  • Start the day at Disneyland Paris
    • Get a little lost and feel like a kid again as you soak up the familiar yet oddly different sights and sounds of this European Disney park.
  • Spend a few hours in Walt Disney Studios
    • This park is quite small compared to its neighbor but is still worth a visit. We consider it to be a mix of Epcot and Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Florida.
  • Finish the day back in Disneyland Paris
    • Ride whatever you hadn’t got around to yet or explore corners unseen. Just don’t leave before you catch a parade or the incredible fireworks show at the end of the night!
  • Take the train back to your hotel


  • Take the train from central Paris to Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy train station
  • Purchase train tickets on your phone through the Trainline app
  • About 60-90 minutes later, you’ll be dropped off just outside the parks in the Disney Village, which is similar to Downtown Disney or Disney Springs


  • The Sleeping Beauty Castle is seriously gorgeous! It’s arguably of the most unique castles in all the Disney Parks. With a moat around the front and trees manicured to look like cubes, the castle has a special french flair.
  • The Disneyland Paris Pirates of the Caribbean ride is by far the best rendition of the ride in the world. It’s significantly longer, offers a better storyline (even in French), and has more drops! As another added bonus, Captain Jack’s restaurant is located inside the ride, getting a specialty experience while staying out of the elements of the outdoors. 
  • Disney Illuminations night-time spectacular show at the end of the night is not to be missed. With projections on the castle, a fantastic musical score, and colorful fireworks, there’s no better way to end a trip to Disney. 


  • The Haunted Mansion is called Phantom Manor. This rendition is western-themed instead of New Orleans-themed, and the line enters directly through a creepy old western house. Stay alert at the end as the finale is very different and features a ghost town. 
  • Any early 2000s Walt Disney World park-goers will probably remember the old Backlot Tour ride in what was then the MGM park. If you’ve missed it, it’s moved to Paris and got a retheme! It can now be found in the Walt Disney Studios park as the Cars Road Trip.
  • There are no underground corridors here. Unlike in Disney World where you’ll never see a cast member in a different uniform in a different land, here you’ll find Phantom Manor cast members leaving down Main Street, or Indiana Jones cast members over by Hyperspace Mountain. Feels a bit like the wild west to a Disney diehard. 
  • There are smoking sections in the park. Unlike in the states where it’s been banned except for outside of park gates, you’ll occasionally sniff wafts of cigarette smoke. It is still France after all!


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