These awesome gifts for travel lovers will surely put a smile on your adventurous friend’s face. From cozy pillows to inspiring books and cool accessories, you’ll find something perfect for their globetrotting spirit. Surprise them with a thoughtful gift that shows you totally get their love for exploration! From maps to travel tools and everything in between, this gender-neutral list of the best gifts for travel lovers are all under $40 on Amazon!

1. Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Say goodbye to uncomfortable neck pillows! The Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow is a game-changer for any traveler. Its flexible design allows it to bend and twist into any shape for maximum comfort and support during long journeys. With snaps to attach it to luggage or a carry-on, this pillow is a must-have for frequent flyers.

2. The Catch Me If You Can: One Woman’s Journey to Every Country in the World by Jessica Nabongo

For the travel dreamers out there, this book is a must-read! “The Catch Me If You Can” tells the amazing story of one woman’s quest to visit every single country. It’s like a real-life adventure novel that’ll fuel their wanderlust big time. This fascinating read that will fuel their wanderlust and provide a glimpse into diverse cultures and destinations around the world.

3. Scratch-Off Map

Give ’em a fun way to track their travel conquests with a Scratch-Off Map. As they visit new places, they can scratch off the foil to reveal cool colors underneath. It’s a visual travel journal they’ll love showing off.

4. Picture Frame

Avid travelers are great at finding travel deals, but often stink at prioritizing purchases for their spaces at home! Because they often won’t treat themselves to nicer home decor, (that’s money that could go towards a flight, right!?) gift them a gorgeous frame that they can fill with memories. Or better yet, fill the frame for them with a memory together!

5. Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places by National Geographic Society

For the travel dreamer, “Destinations of a Lifetime” is the ultimate coffee table book. With stunning photography and detailed descriptions of 225 breathtaking places worldwide, it will ignite their wanderlust and provide a constant source of inspiration.

6. AirFly

If they have a long flight coming up with seat back TVs,  they can say goodbye to tangled wires during flights! The AirFly wireless Bluetooth transmitter is a must-have accessory for any traveler who enjoys using their own headphones on the plane. It effortlessly transforms in-flight entertainment systems with headphone jacks into Bluetooth-friendly devices.

7. Digital Countdown Days Timer

This one’s clever and not as obvious, but is sure to get a smile! Make their travel planning even more exciting with a countdown timer. They can tick off the days until their next big adventure – the anticipation is half the fun!

8. Map Your Travels National Park Travel Quest Scratch-Off Map Print

For the nature-loving explorer, this Scratch-Off Map focuses specifically on National Parks. As they visit and uncover each park on the map, it will serve as a reminder of their love for the great outdoors and encourage them to explore more of America’s natural wonders.

9. Power Plug Adapter

A world traveler’s best friend – the universal power plug adapter. This little gadget is a travel essential for anyone exploring different countries. This compact and versatile adapter will ensure they can charge their devices hassle-free, no matter where they roam.

10. Fun Compression Socks

Traveling often involves long hours on planes or trains, which can take a toll on the legs. Fun and colorful compression socks not only add a touch of personality to their travel day outfit but also provide much-needed comfort and support during those extended journeys. And when they see the cute characters on the socks, they’re sure to think of you on their trip!

11. Small Round Jewelry Organizer Case

Keep their jewelry organized and tangle-free with a compact and stylish jewelry organizer case. Whether it’s a business trip or an epic vacation on the horizon, this thoughtful gift will help them travel with ease and ensure that their favorite accessories stay safe and secure.

12. Mini Cork Globe

Add a touch of wanderlust to their living space with a Mini Cork Globe. They can use pins to mark the places they’ve been, making it both a decorative and interactive gift.