You’ve probably heard a lot of harsh reviews such as “flying Spirit will turn you into a spirit” and all sorts of wild stories that we were a little concerned about before flying with the airline. However, when we found a deal through CheapDFW for only $70 for round-trip tickets from Dallas to Las Vegas, we packed our backpacks for a one-night getaway in Las Vegas. 

Want to know if a cheap spirit flight is worth the deal? Keep reading to find out for yourself.


Frankly, airplanes are essentially sky buses anyway – they get you where you need to go. And $70 per person is a better cost than driving to Vegas with gas prices these days! Some airlines are more luxurious, and some are very budget-friendly. But honestly? They almost always get you where you want to go either way. At a time when we would prefer to take risks and travel than not, we headed to the DFW airport and hoped for the best. 


It’s time to put packing skills to the test. To save money, we chose to not check bags nor bring anything that would be considered a carry-on. The only bags we packed were one backpack each. While not the simplest task, packing in an under-the-seat bag is entirely doable for a 24-hour trip. 


Since we didn’t bring any other bags, we didn’t have to waste time at the check-in counter or bag check. We simply checked in on the Spirit app 24 hours before boarding and walked right to the boarding gate with a few minutes to spare. Admittedly, the boarding solution was chaotic as it was a free-for-all. We ended up boarding the plane only about 10 minutes after boarding began despite having no pre-selected seats or status with the airline.


We were impressed with the interiors! The black leather seats with yellow-lined accents made for a surprisingly elevated brand look. The seats weren’t gross and falling apart either, though they are a bit “streamlined” in their padding, spacing, and width.

Our first initial reaction was that it felt new and more put together than most domestic united flights we’ve taken in the past. The main seating surprise? The seat-backs pouches typically hold your things have been replaced by a criss-cross bungee cord-like material. The tray tables are extra small, but as the airline doesn’t serve full meals, there is little need for them.

Buy a snack and a water before your flight. We quickly found that everything had a cost. Internet, water, drinks, and snacks. We didn’t mind paying $3.50 for a water bottle when that’s the same price, if not cheaper, than the bottles in the airport. The restroom facilities were just like every other airplane – small and functional. 


The staff and the internet! We know, we know – two things people rarely rave about when it comes to flying or airlines. The flight attendants were kind, thorough, helpful, and honestly hilarious. Maybe everyone was in the Vegas frame of mind, but the humor helped ease a few first-time fliers on board and those of us who have yet to fly with the airline.

We’re still shocked about the high-speed internet functionality and its cost. Given the $1 price point, meager expectations – expectations that we should have left on the ground because they were blown out of the water! If we weren’t in a small aircraft flying 30,000 feet above the ground, we would have been convinced we were using wifi from our favorite local cafe back in Dallas. 


About 2 ½ hours later, we landed safely and smoothly in Las Vegas. We will admit, our bums were a bit sore by the time we landed. However, I don’t like sitting anywhere for 2 hours or more at a time. The deplaning process went smoothly, but we can’t attest to how the luggage handling went for the rest of our plane as we didn’t check bags. 


Overall, we had a positive experience flying Spirit to Las Vegas for the first time. We have since flown with them 4 other times and still recommend them. Have you flown with them before? Let us know in the comment section of our YouTube video about your experience! 

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