We’re Andrew & Kait


We’re married travelers exploring new and nostalgic places to help you see more of the world and take the best vacations ever. From the Arctic Circle to Australia and everywhere in between, there is so much goodness in the world just waiting to be experienced. With a worldview to believe most people are good and there’s more that connects us than divides us, we love sharing relatable travel experiences that anyone who dares to wander can experience for themselves.

We are driven by our core belief that we can’t wait until retirement to travel to the bucket list places we’ve always dreamed about. Though we’re barely in our 30s, both of life’s sweet joys and great losses have reminded us that we’re not promised tomorrow, much less a long and healthy retirement full of slow-paced adventures across the globe. We value using weekends and limited vacation days to travel as much as possible now instead of waiting for a tomorrow that may never come.

In order to help others see more of the world more often as well, we focus on sharing detailed itineraries and travel tips to help your trip go as smoothly as possible! We’ve even moved abroad to become full-time travelers to get more deeply acquainted with the world’s dreamiest vacation destinations. By living in the destination for a month at a time, we’re able to take notes on what really are the best things to do as well as get the inside scoop on how locals navigate, eat, shop, dress, and live. Want to get to know us more? Keep reading to get to know us more!


Fun Facts about us:

    • We’re traveling full time! That’s right – all we own are four suitcases and two backpacks – it’s just us and the open skies!
    • Andrew was born and raised in Iowa, and Kait is Louisiana native. We used to called Dallas, Texas home for years before traveling full-time.
    • Travel is a part of our life story – we met in college while studying overseas in Sydney, Australia! 
    • We married young! (When you know, you know, right?) We’ve been married for ten years and have no current plan of having kiddos.
    • We’re basically grandparents. We love slow mornings of coffee in bed, eating dinner at 5:30 p.m., and rewatching 90s sitcoms before going to bed early. 

About Andrew

The creative genius behind everything video. He’s the camera operator, video editor, and YouTube channel manager. With seven years of professional video experience creating for conferences, churches, podcast shows, apps, and more, Andrew has a knack for making everything immersive.

Fun Facts:

    • He’s obsessed with space, and one of his goals is to see a SpaceX Launch in person one day!
    • His first international trip was to Kolkata, India.
    • His go to way to pass the time on long flights is by watching documentaries or space-related movies until he falls fast asleep.

    About Kait

    The strategic mastermind behind web, social, and travel planning. She’s the photographer, writer, and website manager. After leaving ten years in the governmental side of tourism, Kait has taken her passion of promoting the gems in each city to a global level.

    Fun Facts:

      • She’s obsessed with Disney – she’s lost count of how many times she’s been! Her next goal is to visit every Disney park in the world (only 3 left!)
      • Her first international trip was to Lucerne Switzerland.
      • Her go to way to pass the time on long flights is by watching documentaries or space-related movies until he falls fast asleep.